Call for Wood Innovators

Host Worldresourceventures - Berlin

Sixth edition: january 26th 2023
Zoom meeting of all attendees: january 18th, 2023
Program, january 25th to 27th 2023

Information & Registration

Check also SwissKrono’s information on our forum (incl. hotel suggestion)


January 25th:

Travel and site visit

Local train RE6 (direct connection from Berlin) stops close to Swisskrono’s site and conference location in Wittstock (details travel instructions will follow)

Site visit at 2:00 p.m. CET
Gettogether at „Forsthof Alt Daber“ (forest hut of Town Forest of the city of Wittstock), 5.00 till 9.00 p.m. with local beer and barbecue (open fire place)

January 26th (main event):

Main Event

Kickingoff 09:30 a.m. CET in Designstation Wittstock
Get-together with game dinner at 7:00 p.m. CET


January 27th (option):

Field trip to forest of the City of Wittstock
09:00 - 11:00


6th forest & wood innovation forum, january 26th, 2023
as per january 20th 2023 | all time p.m. CET

  Leonhard Ventures Ulf Leonhard
  Swiss Krono Tex  GmbH & Co. KG Max von Tippelskirch, Head of Strategy, SwissKrono AG, Lucerne/CH,
Hendrik Hecht, CEO: who are we - what we are looking for
  City of Wittstock G. Bischoff, M. Bünning
09:50Inspirations I 
Intro Metsa Group Erik Kolehmainen
"What do investors look for when investing in the forest/wood based bioeconomy"
  Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) e. V. Gitta Köllner
  Cambridge Cleantech (zoom) Sam Goodall
  World Agroforestry Patrick Worms / UpLink, World Economic Forum (zoom) Gianluca Gyga
  eco2050 Institut für Nachhaltigkeit Dr. Dina Barbian
"Sustainable and digital solutions for forest & wood industries"
10:20Success Stories 
  Dryad Networks GmbH Carsten Brinkschulte
  Tecnaro GmbH Jürgen Pfitzer



10:40Startups & Innovator I 
  Foliamaterials (USA) Jonathan Levine
  Polyter (Austria) (zoom) Enrique Nacif
  The Generation Forest eG (D) Boris Hesse, Ferdinand Mairose
  Roof ZU (D) Kilian Eckle
  FibriTech (PL) Tomasz Ciamulski
  Bosques Monterreal Costa Rica (zoom) Guillermo NAVARRO MONGE
  Woodio Oy (FIN) Petro Lahtinen
  EcoTree Christian Bergius
  Le Bon Planteur (Togo) (zoom) DJAGBA-BAMBO Damtoti
  Green BIM (zoom) Hansueli Schmid, Anita Naneva
11:45Coffee Break 
12:15Inspirations II 
  FUTURE FOREST GMBH & CO.KG (zoom) Wolf Görtz, Björn Kaminski
  Fachhochschule Erfurt
Landschaftsarchitektur, Gartenbau und Forstwirtschaft
Professur für Waldarbeit, Forsttechnik und Forstnutzung
Erik Findeisen
  Lignum Holzwirtschaft Schweiz Hansueli Schmid
  TU Berlin, C H O R A conscious city lab, Bauhütte 4.0 lab in partnership with Fraunhofer IPK Prof. Raoul Bunschoten a.D.
  Eco-Environment Innovation GmbH Prof. Dr. Reinhard Hüttl
  World for Climate GmbH Isabel Arens
  FSC® Germany Djuran Koopmans
02:00 p.m.Funding Opportunities in Circular Economy 
  European Circular Bioeconomy Fund ECBF Michael Brandkamp, Mridul Pareek
02:15 p.m.Startups II 
Introduction Magnumboard by SwissKrono Henrik Hecht (via Zoom) Daniel Leigh
  Openforest Protocol (via Zoom) Radoslav Dragov, Luke Schubert
  Nadar, D Caroline Busse
  Grown Forward Conservation Project (via Zoom) Marv Vandermeer
  Planterial GmbH, D Mika Siponen, Hannes Stuhr
  Baltic Satellite Service (Latvia) (zoom) Ilze Bargā
  Magic Forest ltd (SK) (zoom) Dušan Jelić
  Naturheld, D Daniel Lang
03:15 p.m.Inspirations III 
  World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO Green Anja von der Ropp, Senior Program Coordinator | Climate Change and Food Security
  studioBLOME Architects Dieter Blome
  Forestry Investment Advisor Peter Chapell
  World BioEconomy Forum (zoom) Jukka Kantola
  Arboretum Solutions, Schrader Tree Nursery Group Stephanie Lahnstein
  Plant-for-the-Planet  (zoom) Freya Anton
04:00 p.m.Coffee Break 
04:30 p.m.Startups III 
  carbonauten GmbH, D (zoom) Michael Sernatinger
  Xilva AG (CH) Tim Duehrkoop
  Aisti (FI) Mikko Paananen
  Timber Exchange (S) (zoom) amir rashad
  Neo Soul Lumbers (RSA) (zoom) Sathuma Ronewa
  NatureRe Capital AG (CH) Stefanie Hauer
  Complex Earth Ltd  (CZ) Paul Chaney
  Morfo (F) (zoom) Adrien Pages
  Instant Seed GmbH, D Volker Weiss
  ECOR Global (USA)( zoom) Jay S. Potter
05:30Resumee Speakers & Keynotes (tba) 
  Hendrik Hecht, CEO Swiss Krono Tex  GmbH & Co. KG  
  Ulf Leonhard  
06:30 p.m.Recpetion & game barbecue