Call for Wood Innovators

Host Worldresourceventures - Berlin

Sixth edition: january 26th 2023
Zoom meeting of all attendees: january 18th, 2023
Program, january 25th to 27th 2023


A attending (per person, special arrangements feasible)

  • cluster & Incubator, foundation, university, media (free of charge)
  • Corporates in forest & wood tech, investor (any kind) Euro 600)
  • consulting (any kind), civil engineering company  Euro 600
  • startups  Euro 250

B presenting innovators (max. 20!)

  • Euro 450 (flat)

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I am / represent:

Note: with confirmed registration you will appear in our attendee list which is published in our site with link to your Linkedin profile.

Cancellation policy: you may cancel until october 31st, 2022.  Refund of fee ./. Euro 100 processing charge. You may delegate your participation to an alternative person at any time.